Friday, November 7, 2008


yea, so I realize that I am one of the last one's to post anything from halloween or for a while actually! things are really starting to take a toll on me, watching her, doing class work, trying to find a good sleep schedule for myself! I seem to have the worst sleeping hours ever!!! But other than that, things seem to be going well.

We were approved for another 6 months for lilah's nuerosurgeon in Austin. (Since we are in a different insurance coverage area, they had to pull some strings in order for us to keep her for that long!) So we are going to fly down to Austin for Lilah's checkup with Dr.Aronin the 17th -19th of November. Hopefully things will still seem to be ok with her and that her surgery is really working for her.

So, here are some recent pics that we took, some are from before halloween, then on halloween. Oh, and some other news, Trent is doing really well where he is. His hours are kinda funky, but we still get to talk to him everyday for now. I will post a couple pics on here also.