Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trick or Treating!

This is in addition to the halloween post... we got together at my dad's house for some trick-or-treating fun! It was a little cold this year, but more manageable than years before! We made it around a few blocks before Lilah's legs started to hurt...but she made out with a lot of candy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween 2010

Another family get together! Which I can NEVER get enough of! My brother and his wife invited us all over to do some pumpkin carving for the kids. We ate dinner, then started in the pumpkin carving. We all had a blast, although some of the pumpkins were harder to carve than others, my eldest brother helped with that! Oh, and NO, I did NOT touch the insides of the pumpkin, I stuck with my camera!!! The smell just gets to me every time!!!!

Just finished eating and waiting to CARVE!!!

Pumpkin guts...ewww!!!

My older brother and nephew

My Sis-in-law....she decided to make Kai-Lan for my niece, BRAVE women, but the finished project turned out really cute!

Had to get a picture before their hands got to icky!!

These are their SCARY faces!!! 
And Lilah's scary face next to her pumpkin!

My nieces scary face!

My sis and her family!

My eldest brother and his family

My brother acting goofy with his family

Oh, see what I have to deal with!! *In the back!!*

Showing us their Cap'tn Morgan poses!

All the kids and their pumpkins!

See, it turned out really well!!!

We all had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friends in MO places!

In early October, Lilah had another appointment at CMH in Missouri. This appointment was a follow-up neurosurgery appointment from the seizure she had in September. The appointment was a success and failure all in one. 

First, we were assigned a new doctor (a good one though!), so she was unfamiliar with him and was not very talkative. Once we were in the appointment, he tells me has has looked at her CTScan from the day of the seizure and cannot notice or see anything that would cause her seizure. 

I was concerned that her foremen magnum had started to close again, but he assured me that it was doing just fine and the surgery she had almost 2 years ago was doing its job. What a relief! The not so good news was that even though he did not see anything, did not mean that nothing was there. 

So we were referred to another doctor, a neurologist. So, we are scheduled at the end of this month to see a neurologist and get her first EEG done. I am concerned, but looking forward to getting some answers and see what her EEG reads.

After our appointment we headed to further to Missouri to visit our friends from Texas who had recently moved. I must admit there is another benefit to living in Kansas- we are smack dab in the middle of the country! Being here means we are not to far from the many friends that we have made along the years.

Playing as if they have never spent a day apart!

Lilah loved this red scooter!

Little miss Diva at the Big Annual Knobnoster Fall Parade!

Our friends Bryson and Tatum showing school spirit in orange for the Knobnoster football team!

Loud fire truck!

The Air force came out in support of Knobnoster!

Lilah and I had so much fun while in the good ol' Knob! I was not able to catch pictures of baby Micah, such a cute and happy boy! He kept me entertained with all his smiles, giggles, and bouncing around! We hope to catch up with you guys again soon and thank you for welcoming us into your home!!!

Photo Shoot Attempt

It seems to be harder and harder to try and get Lilah to sit and take pictures for me-thus why I no longer take the time to get her in an actual studio! I try my best to get her to participate and smile for me, but things don't always go my way! Go figure!

 At the end I was able to get a few smiles in, thanks to a puppy who did an amazing trick she couldn't keep her eyes off of! Maybe the next photo shoot will turn out better than the start of this one!!!

Each time I look at her I see more and more of myself in her eyes. In a few short months I will have a 4-year-old little girl! No longer my baby with little girls, but my big girl with golden locks!