Sunday, July 12, 2009

Most recent project

Like most you today, we are a little strapped for cash and birthdays seem to come every week in the summer! So instead of running our account dry on buying gifts for all those little and big ones, I have decided to start making gifts!

This is one of the more fun parts I think, sewing on button holes! This little button hole foot makes it so easy to sew and cut a button hole!
Almost finished by this point, sewing the bottom (skirt) to the top, button down shirt part.
And the finished product! The buttons are little flowers, which I thought was a cute touch to add!
And a good thing about this pattern is I can make button down shirts for Lilah! This is a multi-use pattern, which is great because there are so many options to use! This will come in handy when I need to start to make more or alter some of her clothes!

Monday, July 6, 2009

She's growing up!!!

Yes, is dear miss Lilah! She is starting to show so much personality now it is becoming scary to watch her grow! She loves to try and walk around in my shoes, heels, flats, 'clop-clops' (flip-flops)-or even daddy's shoes!

These heels are pretty easy for her to walk in since her foot fits just right on the base of the foot part of my shoe! She takes the smallest steps as she clops through the house!
Learning to balance in mommies 'pretty shoes'
Ohhh, look mommy! I have on your shoes!
This is Lilah doing her impression of the old-school Teddy Graham commercial. Do you guys remember then, with the little kid and the bear on the edge of the milk glass? Where here is Lilah and he debut commercial acting skills!!!

Oh, on another note, medically speaking. She is now 28 1/2 inches tall, head circumference of 55.5 (doc says she's doing ok) and 25 pounds! We have another appointment with the Neurosurgeon in November, and will have more measurements done. Let's hope her head does not grow in excess between then and now. She is not concerned with the growth right now, but if it continues to grow (even after having the decompression surgery) we'll have to talk about doing something again!