Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trip to Oklahoma

In September my cousin got MARRIED! Congrats to you cousin! We loaded up the cars and drove to Oklahoma about 3 cars deep! The trip down was not very long and the two little ones traveling in my car did fantastic!

 Once we got to our destination, it was off to the wedding! Unfortunately I did not bring my SD card with me and had to buy one on the way to the reception, so I was unable to get any ceremony photos, but I did capture the fun reception! It was held at a bed and breakfast, which was like a mini mansion! It had a game room, huge media room, lovely dinning room, kitchen and the mater suite had two of everything!

 Singing and dancing to Michael Jackson

 The newly wed couple getting their dance on!

 A whole lot of familiar affair!!!

My cousin and I- Love you cousin and may your marriage be blessed with many more happy years!

Lagging but thankful

So it's come to my attention after reading many blogs that I have been lagging in my blog postings! Also, checking the side post on how many I have done in the past year with the previous year has also gone down dramatically! I've been so busy with taking care of us that this blog has felt lonely and looks that way!

Suffice to say, this past year has been one of ups and downs for Lilah and myself. Considering this is a blog revolved around Lilah and her journey through life, I will make things short and simple! Lilah and I have had to adjust to things being just her and I majority of the time. This is something that has taken some time and is still taking time to get used to. Lilah has been doing well with the adjustments that have been made. Fortunately for the both of us, we have the unconditional support of family and friends!

I know there will be many more changes and adjustments to make in the years ahead, but like everything else, we face them head on. I can say that I am so glad that we have the network of friends who have showed support even when all the facts are not given! I just want to say THANK YOU to every one and anyone who has prayed, laughed, cried, supported, hugged, or listened through this past year. The support means so much to the both of us!!!

With ALL our love,
Sheri and Lilah

Birthday Parties!!!

A few days after school started, we celebrated my nieces 3rd birthday at a local park. A lot of the parks here now offer little water play areas for the kids, which is great because they don't get all hot and bothered playing on swings and slides all day!
The water keeps them entertained for hours, especially in Lilah's case! It also saves the parents from dealing with kids wanting to just sit around!!! I'm glad we were able to celebrate Sydney's birthday this year!

 Oh and check out the awesome cupcakes my mom and I spent making! They turned out soooo yummy and sorta cute!

The next party on the list was for my besties nephew Davion. He also had a water party with a kiddie pool, jumbo blow up play area, and crazy sprinkler! All the kids had so much fun! *Side note, the water idea was last minute because it was a nice day out, thus we didn't have swimsuits!* But that didn't stop the fun!

She splashed not realizing they would immediately splash back three times as much!

 Love this picture! He's such a happy boy!

And the next party we were able to attend was my cousins baby boys first birthday! Late afternoons don't always seem to be the best times for parties because he was sooo tired and wanted nothing to do cake, ice cream, or singing!

Even though he wasn't to pleased with the events around him, everyone was happy to be together!