Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School!!!

I have been planning for Lilah to go to school this year since May. We started the process for possible therapy at school in May with the Count Your Kid In Program for the school district she would be in. We had appointments set and everything was in the works. I go to enroll her for school on a Tuesday, pay my fees and off I go. School supplies bought (out of excitement) the next day, and low and behold, I get a call on Thursday. It's the school district calling to say that Lilah will not be old enough for PreK that year for the public school district, but they would love to have her next year. Very frustrated, and with the school year starting in less than a week, I start to look for other schools. The one she was going to attend was only half day, but that was the most other schools were offering.
I decided that she would go to school with her cousins this year. It is an all day Pre-Kinder program and also offers a Catholic curriculum. So far, she has not been wanting to go, but does very well when she gets there. We're working on the drop-off process and have enlisted a few troops- her Uncle Jerry (my sisters husband) and my mom!  Let's hope for a smoother transition within the next few weeks!

We were running late the first day because I wanted to get a few pictures before school started!

All smiles in the morning with Papa Gary and Grandma Barbara
(my dad and step mom)

Even more big smiles on the first day!!!
(Since the smallest size they had for her uniform was a 2-T, I altered her uniform, almost 2 inches up on the bottom and an inch up above the waist)

With mommy...please excuse the workout outfit!!!

And this is 'the face' I get as I tried to walk out the door. The face has yet to get better!

This is Uncle Jerry- I couldn't thank him enough for all the help he has been with getting Lilah set and ready for school in the mornings. Plus helping me deal with the crying! WE LOVE YOU UNLCE JERRY!!!

With Grandma Salita after school. This is Jerry's mom and she lives directly across the street from the school. Which means, after school SNACKS!!! Everyday after school I'm asked if we're going to see Grandma! I watch my nephew's and niece after school for a few hours and our first stop is grandma's!

Eli, Lilah, Syd, and Grandma Love.

Sydney and Lilah. I don't know if any of you can tell, but Lilah's uniform does NOT match Syd's. In my excitement to get her ready for school, I did not realize that the store ordered and mailed the wrong uniform plaid to us. So her first day was in the wrong uniform. Fortunately, the school did not notice and she went all day like this. The next day I went back to the store and had the correct order placed! Off to alter another uniform for next week!

We also had to stop by Grandma's (My mom) house after we left Grandma Love's. Oh how these kids love all their grandparents! First day of school was a success!!! Only 10 more months to go!

Wait, only about 13 more years of first school days to go! :o) She doesn't know that yet! Hope everyone is having a great school year start!!!

Day's with dad

Lilah has been able to spend a few fun weekends with Trent before she started school. Since he lives in Colorado now, they spend the day together. About a month ago he took her to a place called Tanganyka Wildlife Park, that day they were suppose to have Dora and Sponge Bob Square Pants out, but since it was about 90 plus degrees out, she only caught a glimpse of them!

She got to ride the horsie on her own, she kept telling me how fun it was!

And she was able to pet the goats! 

Before school started, Lilah was able to get a weekend in with her dad in Colorado. He's been wanting to take her to see the mountains, and a few weeks ago they drove to Pike's Peak! Lilah had a blast and couldn't stop talking about the mountains....she still does!

We hope you all were able to enjoy your weekends before school started!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer water fights!

A few weekends ago we celebrated my grandma's birthday. Considering the heat and all the children we had at her cozy house, my mother brought water balloons and water guns! The kids had a blast, even though it was hot outside and the adults, well they enjoyed the inside AC!!!

Here are a few sneak peak photos, but more are attached in the slide show below!

We filled over 100 balloons!

Holding her little balloon

They are all ready to go!

Throwing the balloon and giving it her all!!!

Hope you guys enjoy the slideshow and the end of summer!

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