Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pa-pa's Birthday

We celebrated my dads 40 + 4 + 5th birthday! Yea, that's his 49th birthday! We love you so much dad! You have been there for us through everything and are one of our biggest supporters! I am so thankful to have you in our lives, I can't imagine where we would be without you today! You mean the world to us and thank you for being there for me..even when I don't want to listen! We LOVE YOU Pa-Pa!!!!

 *Please excuse the 'holiday tree' outfit!* Lilah all ready to give Pa-Pa his gift!

 Elijah being his silly self!

 Now do you understand the 40 + 4 + 5th?! We couldn't find the '9' candle, so we were creative! :)

My dad's favorite cake, Pineapple Upside Down Cake!!!

First Christmas Program

Oh how I have been waiting on this day for sooo long! Lilah's first school Christmas program! Every day after school I would hear her and my nieces and nephews singing their songs for the program. She was sooo excited to be able to sing that night.

 With her cousin Eli, who also sang with his class in the program.

 Here she is! (I have more photos, but there are so many children in them I do want to post with out parent permission!) So this is the one decent shot of her that I have. This is how she looked the entire time, while the rest of her classmates sang! She wouldn't sing at all! Then again, they were in front of a packed church of parents! I was very proud of her that she did not cry though!!!

Santa, lights, and Ice Skating

During Christmas time I HAD to take Lilah to see Santa somewhere. I wasn't sure how well she would do because the past few years have been a bit, well, unpredictable! This year she was SUPER excited to see Santa. She walked right up to him, sat next to him, and before HE could say anything she states:

 "I want a Barbie princess and a Dora baby!"

We went to the "Lights on the Lake" show at Heartspring this year. This is the same place she had therapy over half the year last year. (Which they did a great job working with her. She spent all summer learning to button various buttons and cut properly with scissors for an LP. Which really showed when she started Pre-k 3/4 this year!)

Lilah with all the lights...which she absolutely LOVED! This display wrapped around a large tree, which led to the lake. 

 I had been wanting to take Lilah Ice Skating since I had so much fun when I went a few weeks earlier. Luckily for us a friend of mine was having a get together there for his birthday and I brought Lilah along. Let me tell you, Ice Skating is fun, but I do not recommend taking a little one if you do not have any skating experience! 
We managed NOT to fall, not once!!! I was proud of the both of us and she was proud of herself! We made it around the rink two and a half times in an HOUR! 

 How cute are those little ice skating shoes?! I wanted to look more into getting her signed up for classes but thought we should wait until she is at least 7 or 8 years old before I do that! But, in the meantime, we'll have to go more often!

 "Look ma, no hands!" She was very happy that she was able to stand up all by herself OFF the ice. *You can see my hand in fear of her falling!!!*

 Making silly faces to prove to me further that she can stand on her own AND make silly faces!

 Oh yes, my two most WILLING participants for a photo op! Lilah and her God mother. We had dinner together so that Lilah could get the best Christmas present EVER before heading off to Illinois for part of her Christmas break. Thanks again ma'lady for the Christmas gift, I am sure Lilah LOVED her gift as much as I did!!!