Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chuck E' Cheeses!!!

The place where Lilah goes to OT I think is STRATEGICALLY placed right down the street from Chuck E' Cheese! Every week we drive to OT and Lilah ask if we are going there! Not today, no baby, not today- so this past week I caved!

Previously in the week we were able to play outside and this day was wet and icky, so we headed into Chuck E' Cheese for some fun, photos, and PIZZA!!!

Oh, and because I was running late, as usual, I forgot to grab my good camera and had to settle for my camera phone! Oh well, she's still so cute!

She got to take a picture with Chuck E'Cheese himself!

And she also got to talk to the big cheese himself also!

Is it really him mom? Barney?!!!

I think she was looking at some of the boys playing!

After about 10 seconds of driving Mario Cart she was done, but mom had to get our tokens worth!
So she sat and sat as mom poorly drove 3 more laps, but hey, we won!!!

Pizza break! As much as she loved pizza, she wanted to play the games more!

Future Equestrian? She rode this pony about 4 times!
Still needs A LOT of practice though!

We had such a great time at Chuck E'Cheese that day! Wore ourselves out climbing, playing, and spending tokens! Now I need to find an alternate route to her OT!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surprise for Lilah's Great Grandparent's!!!

Last weekend Lilah and I traveled North to visit Trent's side of the family in Illinois. We surprised what would be Lilah's Great Grandparent's for their 50th Anniversary party. Grandma and Grandpa Ward were really surprised when we both came walking in the door! I was able to capture some great moments with everyone:

Lilah with Grandpa Danny

Uncle "Ry-Ry" and Tiffany

Grandma Judy and Grandpa David,
50 years and still going!!!

Grandpa Danny and his Princess

Lilah with Uncle Shane

Looks like Shane is getting a talking to by 
Grandma Judy!

Uncle Ry-Ry didn't know what he was getting himself into
letting her 'see' his phone...

This was about 10 minutes later...

And about another 20 minutes later-see how Uncle Ry-Ry is now holding
her phone? Not as cool because it doesn't work!

Ballon time!

Grandpa Danny got a perfect shot in with the ballon!

We had so much fun this past weekend being around friends and family-everyone loved seeing Lilah, all eyes were on her. It was nice to get a little extra sleep while I was there also! Thank you everyone who welcomed us while we were there. 

Happy 50th Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Ward
We love you!!!

Sesame Street Live

A few weekends ago Sesame Street Live came to Wichita and this was a new experience for Lilah! As soon as I heard they were coming we got tickets! I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked to but the show was awesome and Lilah loved it!

This was the beginning of the show

*She didn't get a nap in before the show, thus the VERY tired look!*

This was the next morning, she grabs my camera and says,
 "Mama, take a picture of me!!!"

"Ok, wait, lemme get Elmo!"

We had so much fun at the show! The Elmo 'thing' spins and lights up-I'm so glad I waited until the end of the show to buy this things! I would have been getting hit in the eye during the whole show if I would've bought it early!