Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Family Christmas Program

For the second year, Lilah and I attended a holiday concert put on by the Wichita Orchestra. This year was more packed than last year, but we always had fun! The music presented is beautiful and well planned, as well as the program. The holidays are among us and Christmas is creeping ever near!!!

Excited and waiting patiently!!!

Who needs music to dance?!

 Tried to get a great photo but this is all I got!

It's about to start! Sssshhhhh
Oh, I also can't wait to show Lilah a few of the light shows we have locally, and let her see Santa Clause! Since it is getting dark out earlier I try to take a few detours on the way home and she loves to look at the lights!

LPA Christmas Party

This weekend we had our LPA Sunflower Chapter, District 8 Christmas/Holiday party. As usual we have a mixed turnout, but we always have fun! This year was more important than any before because we also discussed events for our LPA regional meeting to be held here, in Wichita, KS April 8th-9th. We are so EXCITED about this because there has not been a regional conference here in almost 7 years!

We have a lot of exciting things planned for this regional meet. I have been given the task to help coordinate the teen and parent groups that will be held. Something I am nervous about, but also excited! I am being helped by another brave mom for this task! (Thanks Petey!!!)

Also, I took on the task of being the online coordinator for the Sunflower Chapter! There will be an official website up and running next year, hopefully by the end of January-but that will be spearheaded by a parent-company who so graciously volunteered their time and talents to get this started and running for our chapter. My main focus will be on Facebook and the social networking of the group for now. Look for that page to be up and running by the end of the year!

We always love getting together with our LP friends and are so thankful to have so many local families here for guidance and support with and for Lilah. There is a lot we would not be able to do if it weren't for the support of families!

Looking forward to updating you all on our Chapter regional and the outcome!!!

Thanksgiving...and giving, and giving!

This year we had the chance to hang out for a total of 3 Thanksgiving! 2 festivities were held on Thursday, and one on Saturday. Boy did we eat a lot of food and have a lot of fun! We LOVE being around family so much!

Three generations! My mommy, Lilah, and myself!

Mommy and daughter!

Cousin love!!!
More LOVE!!!

And this is what 2 days of food, family, and fun do to you!!!

Can't wait for next years festivities!!!!

Birthday Parties!!!

'Tis the season for more birthday parties! We celebrated my nieces 7th birthday a few weekends back. We had a pizza party, then headed to All-Star Sports, a family entertainment spot. They have arcade games, go-karts, mini-gulf, and PRIZES!!! All the kids had so much fun!

All the gang!
 Frustrating, but she still got it in there!

 This is how she plays!!! hahaha
 Oh how I love you sister!!!!!
We had so much fun! We have so many birthdays coming up this month and next month! Can't wait to have more fun!!!