Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this past year was all to bitter-sweet for me, thus this post shall be short and to the point! We celebrated this year at the park with family, friends, and food!!!

My earth girl running (from the camera) to play

My older sister and her daughter having a moment!

My sis and her 3 beautiful children! Happy Mother's Day sister! We love you!

Lilah and her cousin trying to play and pretend that they are not in desperate need of a nap!

"Mama watch me! Mama watch me!"

I want to make a side note that I did take pictures of my mother and my grandmother while we were there, but I know if I post them, my mother would find a way to delete them!!! Thus, I leave with saying I love you mommy and thank you for teaching me the values of family, faith, and love. You have given me something which no one else can, the heart of a mother!

Hutchinson Salt Mine and Underground Vault

Wow, I so much dislike when I get on a roll with posting blogs and then they fall to the wayside do to life expectancies! Instead of boring you with details of the past few months, I shall overload you all with photos! Besides, who really takes the time to read what I have to say, most want to look at Lilah anyways! 

In early May, we met up with the Sunflower Chapter of LPA for some food and fun! We met up at a local restaurant (the name escapes me because it has been so long!) for some great home cooking and conversation before heading to the Salt Mines.

Lilah and her friend Katie Scheer. Fortunately for us, the Scheers live close, and the girls are only 2 years difference in age, Lilah is 3 and Katie is 5. 

We visited the Kansas Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson, KS. Although I live less than 45 minutes from this place, this was the first time I had ever been here, and I was VERY happy that we made the trip to see this place! It was a great place to learn and explore. The girls had so much fun and looked so cute in their hard hats!

Look at that cute miner! ;)

This was one lesson in history. If you look closely to the left of the photograph you can see where it says "Our loss, Great National Tragedy, Death of the President" The price of this paper was 20 cents!!!

I thought this was pretty funny, having a Miss Salt Queen Pageant. How would you liked to be crowned the Queen of Salt, almost has the same ring to it as The Queen of Corn as held by Birdee Pruitt!

Taking a nice tour through the Salt Mines. We were lucky enough to stop and pick up some large salt rocks of our own to take home. This was the part I think Lilah enjoyed the most!

I don't think anyone wanted to be photographed wearing their hard hats! *Thus why I stayed BEHIND my own camera!!! Clever!*

Lilah looking for the rocks she wanted to take home with her. Side note: As an embarrassing reflection of my childhood, I used to collect rocks. It did not matter how plain they were or if they were cement, I would come home with my pockets full of rockets, which would then be placed in my junk drawer or if I really liked them, on my book case. I have since passed such collecting on to my child!

We had a blast hanging out with our LP Chapter and can't wait to get together again before the school year starts!