Monday, January 25, 2010

Lilah's Photography

Looks like I have a mini-me in the works! As an early Christmas gift, Trent brought home a Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera and she LOVES this thing!!! This is one tough camera and so easy for her to use! Here is some of her work, for the eyes of Lilah:

'Pawpaw in his chair'

'daddy and mommy'

'am I bothering you?!'

'holiday shoppers'

'backseat driver'

'pedal to the seat'



'happy Godmommy'

I am sure she will have many more photos to share real soon! It all depends on how fast mommy is to upload the photos before Lilah deletes them off the camera!

LPA Christmas Party

Yes, I am WAAAY late on my postings, but the end of this year has been a very busy one! Over the holidays I was working, going to class and trying to deal with all the stresses that is NOT suppose to come with Holiday Spirit and Joy!

In the meantime, our family blog was left to sit and collect 'dust' to say the least! Let me catch you up, blog by new blog, massive amounts of photos and as few words as possible! :o)

To start off with, since we moved back to Kansas, we have been enjoying everything that our local LPA chapter has to offer! In San Antonio, there was a surrounding chapter, but not as close to home as we have here. In early December, we went to the Scheer's house for our annual Sunflower Chapter LPA Christmas party, where Lilah had a blast! *As did all of us!!!* We were able to catch up with families that we missed over our nine month stay in San Antonio!

Here is my observer, Lilah, watching Katie and Blake take hits at the stacking cups.

There goes Katie, speeding up the stairs another time!

... and Lilah trying her hardest to keep up with Katie. The whole time going up she was saying, "Katie, wait! Katie, hold on! Katie!" It was so cute, and you can see Katie waiting for her!

Blake, showing me how much time I have left to take his photo!

Lilah found this cute shopping cart full of hand puppets and stuffed animals....

and this is what she picked out! No smile because it was getting late, over an hour past bedtime!

Duane and Misty (Blake's mommy) watching the kiddo's play with a toy garage set. They were so nice and knowledgeable! I felt like I was playing 20 questions with them, asking if I should do this with Lilah, not do that, what works, what doesn't work and all almost anything else you can imagine! They gave me great advice for her, for now and later in life-so sweet and understanding!

Maddie, Katie's sister, and Ashley-they tried to sneak out of having their picture taken! HA, gotcha girls!

Oh, did I mention there was a game on that night?! So where was my daddy and Dan Scheer (Katie's dad)? Yep, lounging watching the game!

And another picture of my Daddy, with Carson in the back-I think he was trying to get out of a picture as well!!!

This was one of the better pictures we were able to capture at the end of the night!
Denise Hayes, Misti Morley, Duane Jewett, Carson Hayes, Blake Morley, Gary Boykins, Myself *bleh!*, Lilah, Dan Scheer, Maddie Scheer, Ashley Sayer, Katie Scheer and Kate Scheer

We were so happy to be able to celebrate the holidays with our extended family!!!