Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drive-In Time!

It seems that I am completely OVER due on posting these photos or this post, no thanks to the daily reminders on my Facebook account from my sister! Without further ado, here are some sneak peak photos of our infamous annual Drive-In movie night with all the kiddos!

Please don't mind the dirty car! I wanted to get a photo of the LARGE movie 
screen and the kiddos playing.

Oh, look at all those TREATS! To make your own: Gather 4 car loads of children, approximate ages 1 year to adult, go to your local food store, do a grab and go down the snack aisle, load all the snacks into the car along with said children. Drive to your local drive-in theatre, throw a large blanket on the floor, empty food store products on the blanket: ENJOY!

Yep, of course the kids had to gather around the snack blanket! We had hotdogs, popcorn, candy, fruit, cookies, chips, juice boxes, and so much more there!

We're lucky enough in Wichita to still have a drive-in theatre. It has been closed on and off over the years, but we always continue to go each summer! We used to go as kids and I still remember having so much fun! The kids always enjoying going, even if we only stay for 1 movie! (They usually do a 3 movie showing!)
There are a lot more photos on the slideshow, so enjoy!

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Sunday Easter

To continue from the previous post, we spent Easter Sunday at my mommies house! Let the pictures roll!

My mommy made chocolate dipped strawberries, they
were sooo yummy!!!

The girls on Easter! They look so pretty
in their Easter dresses!!!

A little bit better pose, it's VERY difficult to get
2 and 3 year olds to sit still for what seems 
to them a 'long' period of time!

Also, for Easter, my nephew's got to read an Easter scripture
passage before we ate. Elijah did very well! 

I was able to get lots of gorgeous pictures of the girls outside...no captions needed!

I do realize that I am waaaay overdue on posting things on time, but we've been uber busy with life! As we all know things just get ahead of us! Yes, yes, I am trying to play catch up at this point, so the following post will be filled more with pictures than words!!!