Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cali Day 3

Our last full day in Cali we were off to the beach! This would be the first time my niece and her dad had EVER been to a beach, so they were both REALLY excited!

But when we got there, the temperature decreased by at least 20 degrees!!! It was mighty cold and we were only about to see about a quarter of a mile in any direction! The fog was awesome but did not make for the best beach weather!

As you can see, Lilah still has on her jackets AND leggings! Needless to say, we didn't stay at the beach long because the wind also started to pick up! But the kids were able to swim at hotel pool where the temperature was 20 degrees warmer and no wind!!!

We were sad to say goodbye to Cali, but we all had a BLAST!!! If tickets remain as cheap as they were I'm sure we will be making another trip in the very near future!!!

Cali Day 2 ***Picture Heavy***

And this is how the morning started! Oh the fun kids can have in a hotel room- it's like a new house!!!

Looks like someone got a hold of my camera so early in the morning!!!

The BEST orange tree ever!!! This is a tree that is growing in my Uncle's backyard, in another corner they have a sweet lemon tree. Fresh fruit with breakfast was sooo good!!!

Lilah with my Unlce...shhhh don't tell him we took this! My dad looks just like him and all day the kids were calling him pahpa!

While my sister took her family to Universal Studios, I opted to stay with my aunt and uncle. We went thrift store shopping and antique shopping. I had a blast and wish furniture shipping was a lot cheaper than  it is now because I saw some AWESOME furniture that I would LOVE to have in my house! But, I had to settle for getting books and window shopping on the other products!

After window shopping, my cousin picked us up and we headed to the LA Zoo-talk about a large zoo! They had some really great exhibits and it was spread out fairly well. We all enjoyed ourselves especially since the weather was PERFECT!!!

After the zoo, we headed towards the outside of downtown LA and ate at BIG BOY- this was yummy! I had one of the best burgers and shakes EVER!!!! I know this because as soon as we got back to the house, I fell asleep and so did my cousin!

Day 2 was nice and relaxed. We took a few scenic drives and enjoyed our time there!

Here we come CALI!!! Day 1

$80 round trip! Yep, that's all I paid for ONE ticket, round trip to Los Angeles, CA for a weekend! When my sister called and told me about the tickets, we went that night and bought ourselves tickets for our families! I am so glad that we went on this mini-vacation. It has been a while since Lilah and I have been on a plan and had a trip together, we all had a blast and the weekend was to short to enjoy all the sights- but we were able to have fun, visit with family and get a home cooked hot breakfast!

The plan ride there, ready to go go go!!!

Most of day 1 was spent traveling on the plane. Lilah is a well versed traveler and if she is not in her car seat, she won't fall asleep. Thus, why mommy made sure to charge the ipod, bring her personal headphones and her early V-day gift, a purple pillow pet!

 Unlike Lilah, her cousin can fall asleep anywhere! This was nap time and the perfect time to take a snooze, on her first plane ride!!!

After we landed the kids were able to stretch their legs and enjoy the sunny Cali skies!!!

Oh the divas!!! They are in the right city for all this attitude!!!

This was not the sleeping arrangements we had planned, but they were all tired because of the traveling, they fell asleep together while watching television. We decided it was best to leave them there!!!

Catholic Schools Week

At Lilah's school, they have a week dedicated to the kids at school. It is similar to spirit week at other schools, with recognition to faith and why they are in the setting they are in. Unfortunately this was occurring during the snow storm days, and she was only able to participate in 4 out of the 5 days.

Nerd Day:

70's Day (My cute hippie has the hair for this era!)

 Superhero day: She was the green Powerpuff girl

One day was pajama day and the other was school spirit. They did move pajama day for the students to the following week and boy was that a comfy day at school for everyone!

Snow days

When there are snow drifts like this in less than 12 hours....

We have snow days and do activities like these:

Look at all that concentration!!!


A messy haired Kelly doll watching paint dry :)

Full of Family Fun

In January we have a lot of birthdays to attend to starting on the 1st of January! We were able to celebrate some parties throughout the month and have a school celebration party. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any photos from the school party :(

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Look at that form! The ball still landed at the bottom!

Towards the end of the month we were visited by our family from California. Lilah had been running a fever the day before, which broke in the middle of the night, so she was not at school the day they arrived. She was able to come to lunch with us and it was great because this was the first time she had ever met her second cousins!

We love our cousins yes we do!!!!