Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just cause...

We too have our lazy days...

Feeding and holding her 'puppy'

Afternoons at the park with family.. 

 Go speed racer GO!!!

Playing in the water at the pool

Relaxing after lots of fun in the water... oh the thoughts that go through the mind of a 4 year old girl :)

Stay cool out there folks, we have some HOT days ahead of us!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Purple and Pink...

Just the way she wanted it to be for her when she got home!!! The big girls room all done and ready for her when she got home on the 17th of June.

View from her doorway:
*Yes, those are all her toys! So when I say she doesn't need anything, I'm being honest! As you can see, that is a 5 tier bookshelf full of games, crafts, and toys, and 2 toy bins stacked on top of one another, and the small 4 tier bin area in the bottom right corner...

The view from in front of the bookcase, facing the hallway
*notice the bookshelf crammed full of books?!

The wall next to her bed, her closet full of dresses and shoes, only a girl right?!

And not to mention the dresser and closet shrunk, both also full of clothes! She is all good in the clothes and toy department! 

She loves her new room and we are so happy to have our own place! It's new for the both of us, but are are adjusting quite well to all of this. My dad and I were able to make a few other adjustments for her before we moved in, like the shower adjustment and the smaller sink so it's easier for her to reach. Which, she can NOT get enough of washing her hands!!! I'll hear her splashing around in the sink, wanting to wash her hands every 5 minutes and brush her teeth every half hour!

I'm in the process of making light switch extenders for a couple of rooms so she can have easy access to those rooms and not walk in blindly. Oh, and all the door handles have been lowered about 6 inches from the standard height so she can reach them all with ease! 

We hope everyone is enjoying their summers and lazy weekends!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shower Time!!

Now that Lilah is getting older and wants to be more independent than ever, I decided it was time to go from bath time to shower time! Things in our household have been crazy at times and taking a bath everyday of the week can be very time consuming (and wasteful!) so I started to look into shower head and bathroom adjustments that would make things easier on the both of us!

A complete bathroom remodel was NOT in the works and we are also working on a budget. While looking around Lowe's one day trying to find paint colors for her room, I stumbled across this:

I read the reviews before I purchased and majority of them seemed great in my opinion, so we bought it and were on our way! My dad hooked it up later that night and she took her first shower! Let me tell you, bath time went from 20 minutes down to about 7! 

Using the shower head versus bath time is a blessing! She no longer fusses when it is time to rinse her hair because she can almost do it all by herself. Yes, even at 4 years old and all her hair, she still manages to fuss when it comes time to rinse the tear-free soap out of her hair! 

Her is the happy girl and her shower :)

And here is what the shower looks like attached:

And my own personal review of the product:
-Easy for kids to used (the pros make it easy and fun for Lilah to WANT to take a shower, as before, the 'adult' shower was scary and to much water came out)

-Water flow (if you have a single water source like we have, it is easy to adjust the flow of the water by simply controlling how much comes out so the water is not to hard/rough when hitting the kiddos)

-Easy disassembled & reassemble (after having to take it on and off after each use)

-Adjustable height (for Lilah, I found that the cord was to long as it would hit her straight in the face if I pulled it all the way down. The suction cups help make the right adjustment)

-You HAVE to take it off after each shower time (It is easy to do but just an added step as there is no on/off watch switch)

-First attachment to the shower faucet can be difficult (it took use a while to get it on because of the tight fit of the faucet piece)

-The smaller suction cup does not stay on for very long (I have yet to figure a way to keep this on longer than a few seconds, maybe 30, after I have placed it on the wall- it is only a problem if the water is on high)

I hope this helps other LP families! Even when Lilah does take a bath on the weekends, this makes it soooo much easier to rinse her hair after washing!