Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun

Another update on when the boys were here. Lilah loved having them here so much! She would say, "My Jayce!" "My Li!" (My Elijah). It was the cutest thing! Jayce enjoyed having her around for the first few days, then after a while I think he got tired of her! lol Which is what little boys do! They all had such a great time together, and Lilah was sad to see them go!
But I am sure that their mom and dad missed them just as much as she does now!


Theses are a few pictures of one of the many days we were able to make it to the pool. As I recall, they asked me at least twice a day, everyday if we were going to the pool! Even after a long day at the beach, Elijah still wanted to jump in the pool! They had so much fun in the water, and could've stayed there for hours!

We always went after 8 p.m., which may sound late to some, but it was the summer! On some days, it was still 98 degrees outside that late at night; and stayed that way for another hour or so after the sun went down! The water was a great temperature, and was comfortable most days. They were on vacation, why not swim for hours?!

Six Flags

"More flags, more fun!"

While my nephews were here, we ventured over to Six Flags in San Antonio for a whole afternoon. My mom was in town by that time, so she and Lilah chilled at home while we spent our days in the SUN!

I was only able to capture a few photos because most of the rides we all rode together. We also rode a few water rides-much needed- and was not about to risk getting my camera wet! Enjoy the mini slide show!

*many of these photos are on facebook as well*


My name is Sheri and I am addicted to Facebook!"

Yes, it has been a long while since my last post, and I will start tonight with some updates on why we have been so busy!

1. I decided to take my nephews (ages 5&6) from my sister for a couple of weeks. This was to give her and her hubby a nice little break since they just got out of school. I kept them for about 2 weeks and they really loved *So I think* being her in San Antonio, TX. Everyday and night they would ask me if they could go to the pool! We went to the beach one day and my younger nephew, Elijah, asked me if we could go to the pool after we got home! Oh, how I miss them already! While they were here, we went to Six Flags, the pool, Rockport Beach, Play group, the park, made pizza, catfish, and potatoes just to name a few fun things!

2. After they left, I still had another week of class, (or was it two weeks) to finish. I attend online classes at the University of Phoenix, which can be life and time saving at times. This class on the other hand was not! I found out mid way through this class, RES/341-Research and Evaluation Studies/341, that another common name for this is known as STATISTICS! Oh such a shocker, but no so much because I did not do to hot in that class! But, I am currently working with a tutor to improve that grade and get my GPA back up! That (and all online math classes) are no JOKE!

3. Oh, let me go back about a week or so. While my nephews were in town, Trent was still working 10-12 hour shifts. not by choice mind you. He was unfortunately not able to join us for many of our outtings and was very tired during this time. He was working such long hours because the bases here (Lackland and Medina) had a base wide inspection. Like most jobs, there are people that come in and check guidelines and standards for each and every department. Mind you this is a training base and a very large one at that!
Fortunately, these hellatious hours aid off for Trent and many other Squadrons-who scored an Excellent (the highest there is to score)! Since they did so well, they were given about 10 comp days to use (at a supervisors discretion of course), but this is still a good thing! YAY 37th LRS!

4. As many of you know, I have been taking opinions on whether or not to cut my hair. Many of you voted, and if you're a FB'er like I am-you saw the pics! Oh, this was such a great decision to make! I love my new hair, I now have time to wake up and put my makeup on before I leave the house! *Which saves a lot of people from the scary side of me!* Trent even told me today that he is loving the new do!

5. And yes, we did get into a fender bender with a 16 year old girl who only had a learner's permit, driving her friends car, and not having her permit with her!!! I will post a blog on this as well as pictures to follow!

6. Yes, I also got a tattoo! My first ever! I like the tattoo, but getting it was more annoying than anything I have ever been through! It didn't hurt, but felt like cat scratch after scratch, and I wanted to smack the tattoo artist!lol He was great though, and it wasn't his fault though!

I believe this catches everyone up on what I have been up to lately! lol As for Lilah, that girl is becoming a handful! Blog to link about that also!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Yes, we got a new puppy! This is our next new member of the family, Zeus! After some great thought, we (Trent and Lilah) decided on him. He is a boxer mix, but still cute! He grows a little on me, bit by bit and day by day!

Oh, did I mention that this adorable dog has chewed through half of our front curtain blinds, one of my new sandals, my new laptop cord, and our outside patio stand!!! Still growing on me!!! 


Although we are renting, we still like to make improvements to what we consider OUR space! We don't have to much in our garage, but what we do have is on the floor and in boxes. For some reason, little clutter gets to us now! Luckily, Trent was able to get a good deal on some wood, and built some shelves in the garage.

Trent determining whether or not he is doing this right...

A good start so far!

Lilah decided that she wanted to help daddy make cutting lines...

Cut here, and here and here daddy. Ok?!

Daddy said to measure 1 foot from the end!

And this is the partial finished product!

He put a wood border around it, and then built another shelf at the bottom of this one. It is a bit shorter and he is able to put his tools on it. One thing, he wants to paint the shelves white, but I say to leave them the way they are and just put a protective coat on them. What do you all think?!