Sunday, March 22, 2009

Get Comfy Folks!!!

Ok, I'm not having a happy time uploading and arranging the photos like I want them, so this post is going to be in random photo order! Yippie!
Lilah and I were feeling a bit Spring-feverish! She looked so cute this day, I had to get some pictures with her and her puppy:

She loves to watch the kids on our block get off the buses. So intrigued by the big yellow bus!

Another day at home with daddy. She wanted to wear her dress all night long, seconds before bedtime! Notice the red pasta sauce on the lips?!

Lilah also loves to get the mail now! Everyday, well, when Trent had leave, they would walk down the street and get the mail. She feels so proud to bring mommy the bills for the week!

Oh, I did snag a few photos between the tears when Trent came home. I was only able to get some of him and her, and none of the three of us.

Here are a few pictures from our first days in our house. She loves going outside and walking on our porch each morning. She sometimes has enough energy to walk around the block!

Next on the list.... oh, Trent's Grandma Judy is taking advantage of retirement and has been traveling all over the States for a while now. Last week, she was in San Antonio for a few days, and we met up with her and went downtown to the Market Square area. I was able to get some great photos, along with some DELICIOUS mexican cuisine. If you ever travel San Antonio and would like something 'off the map', Market Square, only about a half mile from the River Walk, is a great place to eat, shop and photo snap!

That's all I have for photos right now. Lilah did have an orthopedic appointment somewhere in there. All looks good and we won't have to be back for atleast a year, unless we feel we should take her in. Things are looking well otherwise. 
Trent has put in his paperwork so he can retrain into another job field. We will know something at the end of the month on whether or not he will get it. He's been training like crazy to get this new job!!! It is more demanding on him, and us as a family, but I feel he will like this position more because it is physically and mentally demanding as well.
And I do mean physically demanding! We went on a 4 mile ruck/walk yesterday, and wanted to walk it at 10 minute mile pace! Are you kidding me?! HA! I think I walked/jogged it in under an hour, but still!!! That's all we have for now.

Lilah will be starting therapy again, not sure which ones yet, soon to find out! Enjoy your week!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Settling in Again...

WOW! Yes, it sure has been a LONG while since I have posted anything new or substansive! Since my last post, Lilah an dI have returned to San Antonio, and Trent has also joined us! He has been home for about a week now, and still has another week off from work! This leaves us plenty of time to get things unpacked *or so I hoped it would*!!!
We are really relaxing, spending time in our new home *rented*, but still ours for now! Things are still going pretty fast right now. Trying to settle in, I just started a new class, Trent is trying to readjust to being at home, and getting to get whenever he likes, whatever he likes!
Luckily, reintegration for Lilah and Trent has gone better than I could have imagined! Thanks to modern technology, such as webcams, and VOP, she was really still able to experience daddy being present most of the time! Which I believed helped her to know who daddy is as she grows, and know that he is still in her life, and that he will return. To her, it seems as if he never left! Another good thing, for me anyways, when she wakes up, she calls for "DADDA!!!" This is a nice break for me! Now I hear DADDA all day instead of MAMA!!!!
Trent seems not to mind it, he gets to build blocks and color all day long! A dream vacation I would imagine!
Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get some new photos posted! As of now, no time for photos when I have a house full of boxes to unpack!!! *And loads of blogs to catch up on!!!*