Friday, April 8, 2011

More Cali Photos

Well, I was going through my phone the other day and realized I have MORE pictures from the Cali trip! On the rare occasions when I did not have my camera with me, I had my phone!!! Enjoy!

We had just arrived and were waiting on our rental vehicle- doesn't she look like she belongs in Cali with the bug eye glasses and sandy bleach blonde hair?!

Doesn't want to sit still long enough for a picture with mom!

Being silly at the zoo eating green Jell-O!

At the zoo with mom

On the cold and foggy Cali beach!

Oh catching this Sunset was the best thing ever! Wish I would've had my camera with me!

It was about 4 a.m. when this photo was taken, as you can tell by my nieces hair! Aunty loves you Syd!!!

Kitchen Helper

Lilah LOVES to help out, especially when she is with grandma! This day she got to help grandma make Lemon Cup Cakes-which were sooo delicious I might add!!! *Due to grandma NOT wanting to be pictured, the angles are limited!!!*

her sneaky grin!

doing a silly face for mommy!!!

Always a help in the kitchen... so she thinks!!!

A day at the Park

It was the most beautiful day of the year thus far and we HAD to head to the park! There is a new park, well it was new to us because I noticed it a few weeks earlier while driving. It was the best park ever because it was large and had plenty for her to enjoy and access!!! I didn't have my camera BUT my phone was still charged from the day!

*This was her extent of playing in the sand. There was a HUGE sand box, but I think they are just a HUGE version of stray cats litter boxes and refuse to let her play in public sand boxes* Sorry folks, not happening! Oh and don't get me started on getting sand in her hair!!!

And some scooter riding at Grandma's! We usually ride with the helmet, but this was an unexpected trip to the house with the scooter. She loves that thing and even enjoys riding it in Grandpa's basement! Lucky girl!
We hope everyone is able to enjoy the Spring weather that is on the way!!!