Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes I cry

in awe with Lilah's achievements. Some parents rejoice when their child learns to roll over, crawl, walk and sit up on their own- I know I did, with the exception of crawling. But I find myself rejoicing over other achievements.

We took pictures of the first time she held her own head up for more than 3 seconds. On our trip in 2008 to visit friends in Germany, she sat up on her own for almost the entire flight! (A 13 hour flight!) The countless days and nights spent laying on the floor, couch, mommy or daddies laps were finally over! She could see the world from a whole new view and enjoy the comforts of self support!

More recently she was able to open a door on her own! My mother has a screen door with a lower handle. I let Lilah walk to the door and when I look up, there she is, standing with the door opened behind her. I asked her, with a sort of shock, "Did you open the door baby girl?" "Mama I did it!" was her reply. All I could think to say was "Good job Lilah!" cause I have been waiting for this day to come. Her response to me was that of pure delight as well, "Yay me! Yay Lilah!" She clapped and had the largest smile on her face! My heart just melted! Her cousins, who are almost 9 months younger than her, have been able to reach doors since the age of 2, and here, Lilah was at 3 years old, able to open her first door!

It is tough at times to see children younger than her hit milestones before her, but I have to remember what many parents told me in the beginning- She will do things in her own time, at her own pace. At the time I did not think to much of it, but now it is a constant phrase etched into my mind, a sense of peace for me.

Another example is, she figured out how to turn on the light switch without the use of adding anything to the switch itself. How you may ask-for her birthday she received a star princess wand, where the star is outlined in plastic, so it forms a hole. She holds the very end of the wand and either places the hole around the switch or uses the "v" shape of the star to push the lever up! Creative indeed!

She truly amazes me at times when I least expect! I have learned so much from her in all 3 years of her life than I could ever imagine! She teaches me new ways to do things, although at times it frightens me, but I know she has to try it on her own.

Just the other day at OT, while explaining various things Lilah can do to the OT- I said to her, "I let her try things her own way, then learn from her. I assist with what she is trying to do, not try to fix her to do things the way I do them."

I know there will come a time when I am unable to help her in certain areas, or she may want to quit or not try at all- but when that time comes, we will get through it together. I'll have to remind her of how much of an influence she has been on me, instead of how much I have influenced her!

We love you baby girl! 

Suppose to be in her own bed, but decided mommies was better!