Monday, May 11, 2009

Dallas LPA Meet

As most of you know, we went to Dallas this weekend for an LPA event, and to meet the Johnson Family. We all had a great time there. Unfortunately for both Katie and I, Cole and Lilah wanted nothing to do with one another! There are pictures to prove that down below! 

Enjoy the slideshow!  And Katie, maybe in a few years, they will like each other! lol

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lake House

This weekend, we were able to go to our first local LPA event! We were really excited to meet other LP families in our area, to have people to talk with and Lilah to have someone close to talk with. We went to a Lake house, they have meetings there most of the time, and the kids love swimming there. But, this time, we did not let Lilah swim. Mommy is not much of a water person, daddy is, but the water was really cold that day, so we decided to forgo the swimming this time. Here are some pics from the day.

Lilah loved watching the other kids swim and play in the water.
This is Emily (5 y/o) and her dad Mark, just taking a nice cruise in the water.
This is Megan Grace (9 y/o), she stood there for about 3 minutes before she decided to jump!
Lilah and the girls trying to dry off in the sun!
Emily just relaxing on land!

And here is my handsome husband Trent, I told him he looks like a SEARS catalog model right here! 
We had such a great time there this weekend and can't wait until the next get together! We are going up to Dallas this weekend for another luncheon, and hopefully will be able to meet the Johnson family! More pictures to follow next week as well! Have a great week all!