Friday, April 8, 2011

More Cali Photos

Well, I was going through my phone the other day and realized I have MORE pictures from the Cali trip! On the rare occasions when I did not have my camera with me, I had my phone!!! Enjoy!

We had just arrived and were waiting on our rental vehicle- doesn't she look like she belongs in Cali with the bug eye glasses and sandy bleach blonde hair?!

Doesn't want to sit still long enough for a picture with mom!

Being silly at the zoo eating green Jell-O!

At the zoo with mom

On the cold and foggy Cali beach!

Oh catching this Sunset was the best thing ever! Wish I would've had my camera with me!

It was about 4 a.m. when this photo was taken, as you can tell by my nieces hair! Aunty loves you Syd!!!


  1. Love all the new pictures. I love that Lilah loves helping in the kitchen. Preston loves to bake and it's really a fun activity. And it's fun to get new decorations to put on top of the cupcakes. I just love her in her sunglasses. Such a diva!

  2. Great pictures from your fun trip! Yes, Lilah looks like she belongs in Cali - a little superstar! Love the green teeth! :)