Sunday, May 15, 2011

LPA Regional: Night 1

This year, the Sunflower Chapter was excited to host an LPA Regional meet for District 7! Our area has not hosted one in Wichita for almost 7 years! The hotel we were at worked very well with the needs of those who were attending the conference. We had a blast both days of the conference and I know I am looking forward to many more LPA Regional, District, and National events. Lilah is at the prime age where she is able to gain information from other LP's at the conferences.

I have been waiting to take her to larger Regional and National events because I believe they would have benefited me more than her because of her understanding of knowledge. I have relied heavily on our POLP groups and social networks to handle situations on my end as a parent, but now that she is older, I believe she will want to know their are others who are just like her in stature. She will be able to talk with other LP's, relate to stories and various issues that I will not be able to relate to.

This conference really opened up my little girl socially! She is growing up so fast!!!

Petey, reading a personal story to the girls.

There was a quartet competition in the hotel the same weekend we were there. This group GRACIOUSLY sang for us not once, but twice during the weekend! They were excellent and it was fun for both the adults and children!

My runner!

Taking some time to walk the River and take pics

Katie showing the other girls how to do cart wheels. Looks painful, but she managed to do this for hours! Lilah is practicing to be just like Katie- ahhhh!!! *Can we say mom's pulling her hair out at the sight of this?!*

This is an AWESOME chair that was made available for the silent auction, which I bid upon and won! This is a pretty awesome chair that holds up to 160 lbs., which means Lilah will have it for a very long while!

Girl power! They had so much fun together! 


  1. Wow! Lilah is really growing up. My favorite thing to do when I am able to make it to Regionals or Nationals (not often enough for me! is watch the little ones interact. Thank goodness for LPA and POLP!

  2. It looks like a fantastic Regional! Great photos! Lilah is so beautiful, and I love, love, love her long hair!! It looks like she had a great time with all of her new friends! I would be pulling my hair out over the practicing of cart wheels too! :) Yay for winning that awesome chair!
    I'm so thankful for our LPA and POLP groups! I love seeing how much fun Simon has when we meet up with our LP/POLP families!